Corn Masa, Corn Meal, Corn Flour are now creditable whole grain rich foods.

Since the release of the April 17, 2019, memo, FNS has received many questions from stakeholders on the crediting method for corn masa, masa harina, corn flour, and cornmeal. As such, we want to provide clarification on the guidance issued in SP 22- 2019, CACFP 09-2019, SFSP 08-2019. Program operators now may calculate contributions from corn masa, masa harina, nixtamalized corn flour, and nixtamalized cornmeal in the same manner as all other creditable grain ingredients and food items. Crediting is determined by weight as listed in Exhibit A: Grain Requirements for Child Nutrition Programs, or by grams of creditable grain per portion. However, if any non-whole corn ingredient is labeled as enriched, or includes nutrients sub-listed after the corn ingredient in the ingredient statement, such as: yellow corn flour (folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine), then the corn ingredient can contribute only to the enriched grain requirements. Corn that is not “whole” or “enriched” or is not treated with lime (nixtamalized) does not credit as a grain in the CNPs. Please refer to the attach