We are nonprofit orginazation in South Texas.

Hummingbird Child & Adult Nutrition was founded in 2009 as a sponsoring organization that administers the CACFP to Child Care Centers in South Texas. We are dedicated to providing the best service to our sites and ensure total compliance with State & Federal Regulations. We are proud memebers of the Texas CACFP Sponsor Association (TCSA). The founder, Victor Salazar, served as the president of TCSA and regularly advocates for Sponsors and daycare centers with the Texas Department Agriculture.

Meet our Staff

Put a face on your CACFP representative.

Victor Salazar

Executive Director

Estela Salazar

Administrative Services Manager

Rosalinda Balderas

Compliance Officer

Steffany M. Klimp

Compliant Specialist

Lea Andra Rose Klimp

Compliant Specialist